From Consulting to Configuration


As your office grows with Desktops, Laptops, and Mobile devices you can depend us to lead you in the right direction. We can offer advice for purchasing and sizing a system for what you need. The balance of budget, expandability, power, and longevity is not easy for anyone to determine.  Since Cobblestone Networks does not resell computers, you can be assured our solution is in response to what you need.  You choose your favorite computer maker and we’ll help you decide what is best.


Computers break.  We fix them.


Using standard techniques for speeding up your computer, let a trained eye perform these tasks.


Most computers, desktops especially, have a good level of upgrade-ability.   These options are usually  to increase memory, increase hard drive space, upgrade to a newer operating system, or upgrade to the latest office software.  We can quickly help you determine if any or all of these upgrade paths will be beneficial and then perform the upgrade.


When it’s time to retire your computer we can help by identifying and moving settings, licenses,  files, and programs to your new computer.